Live DIesel Strong

Training. Nutrition. Commitment.

A recipe for success.

Daniel Sullivan, certified personal trainer and nutritionist, created The Diesel Physique and our 6-week challenges to help people change their lives. It’s more than losing weight–fitness is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that our team believes is attainable for everyone–not just bodybuilders and professional lifters. With the proper technique, healthy eating habits, and discipline, you can change your life! 

Our team at The Diesel Physique is excited to take this journey with you–to inspire, motivate, and support you and your commitment to transform your mind, your body, and your future.

“The hardest part is taking that first step but I’m here to motivate you and help you live this lifestyle.”

-Daniel Sullivan, Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

meet the Owners

Daniel Sullivan

Daniel Sullivan

Founder | Certified Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

Daniel is a Certified Personal Trainer who specializes in training for strength, weight loss, and functional fitness. He enjoys working with individuals who have a passion for health and fitness because he believes mental strength is just as important as physical strength when it comes to getting in to shape. By combining strength and resistance training with core conditioning and a wide variety of cardiovascular training, Daniel is ready to assist you in setting and achieving your lifestyle and fitness goals.  Along with being a world class athlete, Daniel personally trains athletes at the highest levels from professional body builders to UFC Fighters to NFL & MLB players.

Shanda Sullivan

Shanda Sullivan

Founder | Nutritionist Coach

Shanda Sullivan is your nutrition coach . After a decade of suffering  with eating disorders, low self esteem and eventually auto immune disorders, Shanda found herself in a position ready for change and she wanted a life of peace, happiness and health! With the proper education, trial and error and years of experience she found the formula to lifelong sustainability and balance and she want to share that with the world. Shanda specializes in metabolic damage and reversing the negative affects of yo-yo diets and unhealthy mental patterns. Shanda’s job is to teach you how to fuel your body without depriving it and help you to unlearn the unhealthy habits you have adopted along your own personal journey. Her goal is for you to feel at peace with yourself inside and out while enjoying foods you love and enjoying life with balance.

Nathan Edwards

Structure and Organization Coach

From student-athlete to the United States Marine Corps, Nathan is a lifelong competitor and lover of fitness. Time management and discipline are critical skills to exercise throughout this challenge, and Nathan is here to help you learn and use them.