My Diesel Physique Bulk Challenge
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What is A Bulk Program?

There may be different methods, but the bottom line is that bulking is a term used to describe the type of training and nutrition it takes in order to put on some serious mass. The only way to make progress when bulking: The workouts, the diet and the supplementation.

Think of your body as a car that you have to fill up with gas (food), before you start it. Any unused gas is wasted (stored as fat).

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How It Works

My Diesel Physique’s 6 Week bulk challenge is structured to make working out as easy and simple as possible but at the same time pushing you to get 1% better everyday. The workout programs and meal plans are written in detail and I will answer all of your questions 24/7. These are just the tools though, it’s up to you to do the work!
Upon signing up, you will receive a confirmation email. In this email will be instructions on adding a private group on Facebook. Please include the email you used when paying. We will add you to the group. This Facebook group is where we will answer all questions, host all the weekly check ins, upload all diet plans, and post all workout plans. We will also use the private Facebook group to help encourage and motivate the group as a whole. 
To gain muscle, you need to consume more calories than you use so expect to gain some fat along with the majority of muscle. Now the amount of fat gain depends on a variety of foods we choose from.  You will  gain more muscle and less fat over the course of the bulk.  Think of your body as a car that you have to put gas in and think of the gas as food and before you start it. Any gas that’s wasn’t used is wasted and stored as fat. We are going to teach you how to consume more calories and use those calories as fuel day in and day out!
If you just eat blindly, without knowing what you are eating, then you will either not consume enough food or will consume too much.

Week at a Glance

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